Med is not Octamed

1993 Med music tracker tune entitled ‘Works’ My old Amiga oldskool rave tunes. So named as it has a bit of everything – ‘all the works’

The Grind

First light on the full-frame body was in May ’19 so this was early on (IMG_0575). Poor definition on his head and excessive blur that was no doubt caused by my poorly executed technique.

31st July 2019 1/25th f/5 15mm Canon EOS 6D Mark II

An air to Tail

35mm shot in 1990

This is the infamous Rollersnakes ramp in the shop in Nottingham. Some points of interest for me are:

  • The Gridiron sticker
  • NUDa
  • Pig City

Can you imagine the sound of that tail on the way in.